Tuesday, September 30, 2008

words aren't adequate

September 26, 2008

The trip to Eklutna Lake and the Serenity cabin leave me struggling for words. After a cold rainy summer, we didn't know what to expect this past weekend. Geared up for rain and cold. Firewood hauled to the cabin to ensure we wouldn't shiver together on the benches. Then we had Friday. Saturday and Sunday. All brilliant crisp fall days.

Jo-Ann on her three-wheeled recumbent

Bear scat filled with highbush cranberries.

hiking up-valley, toward the glacier

leaves vivid yellow
water on the lake reflecting mountains
sky and trees

five women pedaling
stopping for photos
or to take in the view
exclaim again how fortunate
how beautiful

meeting other riders
our friends
exchanging grateful words
at the gift of sunshine
and friendship
and a helping hand
a joyful smile

burdens are lifted
rising like steam from our breath
pulling gear
not so heavy
as I make my way to a welcome escape

not many days like these
the ones we wait for
grasp for like a rope to safety

the beautiful days are oh so much sweeter
for having endured all the grey
we appreciate and celebrate them
I broke out in song

Near the end of the trip; stacked rocks caught my eye

I don't know who balanced the rocks, but enjoyed this surprise by the shore.

more pics on alaskadirtdivas.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Especially the bottom one, with balanced rocks and sparkling water. Yes, it has been a gorgeous fall and today looks like another beauty. Thanks for reminding me I need to get out on my bike again before the snow comes.

corinne said...

i like the tilted angle of the balance rock photo.

i've also found it hard to describe how that beautiful weekend made me feel. unbelieveable.