Sunday, September 7, 2008

fall sneaks in

The chill in the air today was different from the coolness of this summer. It's in the wind coming from another direction, blowing clouds over the mountains that have already been dusted with snow a few times this summer. Last weekend we were in Hope and also drove to Seward. The leaves were turning and the coastal mountains showed termination dust (for those outside Alaska, that's the first snow to dust the peaks, bringing an end to summer and a start to the crisp days of fall).
Rainy day at the small boat harbor; Seward

I watched yellow birch leaves float in a creek along Resurrection Road and we walked on a trail through a patch of changing devil's club.

Near Crow Creek Mine; Girdwood

My friends and I are doing an overnight cabin camping trip in a few weeks and I shiver to think about biking to the cabin the last weekend of September. I'll keep hoping the snow doesn't come early and try to find a way to make sure we can be guaranteed firewood this year. (Last year there was little dry wood to warm the cabin.)

It's with disappointment that I won't do some things I'd hope to this summer. We never made it to Kesugi Ridge. I didn't do half the mountain biking I normally do. Now it's time to plan our vacation and we've decided it should be spent mostly on two wheels and someplace where it's sunny and warm. Southern Utah, Arizona. We'll have to see where the good weather takes us this October. My goal is someplace where I can wear a sleeveless top and feel the sun's rays warming me completely.

After that, I'll be ready to face the rains of fall and the upcoming winter biking in the spirit with which I normally embrace them. It's just too soon to get excited about them right now.

Now, a few seemingly random things I've seen:
Part of a 4-H exhibit at the Alaska State Fair.

In the case of Jon, gone fishing, mushroom picking, berry picking, etc.

Bike shop in Seward - yes, it's in a railroad car.
I wonder how many bike shops are located in old rail cars...

Our friend Tony was using his Travelers check at polo last Friday.
Nice decals!

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