Friday, September 26, 2008

destination: serenity

Eklutna Lake in August

I'm heading out of town this weekend for a couple nights at the Serenity Falls cabin at Eklutna Lake. Ten of us will be riding out - some today, some on Saturday - to stay at a rustic spot tucked in a glacier-carved valley. No electricity, no running water, no wifi. Just the heat of a wood stove and good friends. I think someone mentioned wine, too.

We'll pack our gear on our bikes and trailers for the 12-mile ride along the Lakeside Trail. It's mostly gravel, and is one of the prettiest places to do a fall ride. The colors in Anchorage are at their most brilliant, so I hope it's the same at the lake. The forecast calls for nice weather and Anchorage woke this morning to fog that quickly burned off to give us clear skies. We feel pretty lucky today!

While in the park, we hope to hike closer to Eklutna Glacier & do some exploring. Hiking in the sun sure sounds lovely.

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JordyB said...

Sounds like to much fun!