Monday, September 15, 2008

produce market

Each Saturday morning before work, we stop at the local farmers' market. Produce grown in the Matanuska and Susitna valleys is displayed in tents lining a parking lot. We choose our veggies for the week, plus herbs and sometimes bread or cheese. This summer, the brilliant colors of the market offset the often rainy Saturdays.

Freshly-dug potatoes, beets and carrots are some of the best things we find at the market. Basil and cucumbers, peas and beans make our meals more delicious because the produce is grown right here in Alaska. Lettuce that hasn't been shipped up in crates from the Lower-48 tastes so much better in a salad.

Jon and I were both raised in families that had big gardens. I've tried, on occasion, to grow a few things in pots that can be brought indoors before fall. But I'd rather spend my limited summer free time biking or hiking than working a piece of ground. Gardening in Anchorage takes incredible patience and dedication. I think it also takes a greenhouse.

I'll leave the growing to the pros.

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