Wednesday, September 10, 2008

that's the ticket

Finally, the moment Alaskans have been waiting for... no, the election coverage is NOT over... today Alaska Airlines lowered their fares just in time for our annual "Thanks for living here" check. Anyone who has lived here knows a vacation to warmer climes is more than just packing up the car and driving south. Instead it's a game of who can get the best airfare to their location of choice. It starts with the discussion of how many air miles they have and how long ago they booked their trip.

We don't plan ahead quite that much. In fact, we've just recently been talking about getting out of here for some mountain biking. The disappointing Labor Day weekend was the last straw. I told Jon that as soon as I booked the ticket I'd be a happier woman. And I don't even like to fly. I'm one of those white-knuckle passengers you hate to sit next to. But some things make flying worthwhile. Mountain biking in southern Utah is one of them. Hawaii is another. Overseas: ditto.

This morning I had a new email from Scott McMurren. Then I saw the newspaper ad. It was time to buy. Now it can rain and be gusty and get cold all it wants. In October, we fly into Vegas. Not to spend time there. Just to pick up a rental car and head into the mesas and canyons, the slickrock and sand, the juniper and cacti, the 3.2 beer. Oh, getting carried away, wasn't I? Campfires and a tent without the rainfly.

Until the trip, I have projects to work on, rides to do with my friends (including a much-anticipated overnight bike camping trip) and decisions to make about what to bring. And I'll be singing a happier song through it all. Yee-ha!
hey, little buddy, we're going someplace fun!

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Anonymous said...

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere!

Respect the Journey Rose.