Who is Bike Girl?

"Why yes, I do know where this trail goes." I am Rosemary "Rose" Austin, the author of Mountain Bike Anchorage, THE trail guide for biking in the Anchorage area, published by Near Point Press.

I've spent over 10 years working in a local bike shop and have led dozens of group rides for a local women's cycling club, the Alaska Dirt Divas. I'm also a volunteer steering committee member of Singletrack Advocates (STA).

In July of 2009, I decided to take time away from my full-time job to focus on writing. I am a student of words and ideas, hoping for inspiration to tell my stories. In early April, 2010, I agreed to return to Paramount Cycles to help out during the frantic spring crunch. I worked through the end of May, after which, I took a short bike tour to the Lower-48 to visit family. I hope to spend a good amount of time this summer diving into some research on an upcoming project.