Thursday, September 18, 2008


When the clouds broke Wednesday
snow was again dusting the peaks above Anchorage
the sun appeared and brightened the leaves made yellow
by the cold and cleansed by the rain.

Ducks near the bog were feeding
fattening for a long flight south.

The damp forest with its
colors and smells
each scent unique to itself
and to this season
I slow down and just breathe.


JordyB said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Jen said...

gorgeous! thanks for sharing

Tapia said... I saw those things (minus ducks) and thought "I think I'm going to be sick." Your response was much more poetic. I think I'll sit here in my new polka bot bikini and pretend I live in New Mexico or Arizona or somewhere much, much warmer.

(On a happy note - my helmet is waiting for me in the history office!!!)

bikegirl said...

glad to hear about your helmet.

It's always easier to deal with the chill (or whatever challenges you have) when you see relief in sight. My relief will be in the desert in the sun on my bike. And with a small stack of books.

Brad said...

bloggin eh?