Thursday, June 12, 2008

what's it gonna take?

At the gas station across the street from the shop, I see the numbers go up almost every day as I ride in on my bicycle. I have a car, but I try to limit my driving so I only have to fuel it once a month - that's the goal, anyway. I live about nine miles away and mostly enjoy my commute. It's my way of saving fuel and staying relatively fit.

I know it's not realistic for everyone to commute by bike and the bus system in the Anchorage area is not always as direct as people would like. Still, we can make choices to save on fuel by limiting trips, especially short ones or trips for one item from the market. It's called planning.

Politicians want to find ways to make the prices go down - at least that's what they say. What they're really thinking, I don't know. But rather than increasing supply, which, of course is limited, we need to focus on demand. As individuals, we need to decrease our demand. To ride-share, to be conscious of each trip. And to rid ourselves of low mpg vehicles.

Every time I get cut off by an SUV or have one blast past me, full throttle on a hill, I just shake my head. Another drop wasted. We're responsible for this. The only people I feel bad for are those who are just scraping by already. Elise Patkotak expresses it well - and boldly - in her Daily News column. I wish I was as brave as Elise. Say it, sister!

Here's Jon in my car - I think he's crying because this truck is taking up two spaces in our parking lot.

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