Monday, June 23, 2008

no backup plan

I imagine most people have experienced a moment when they're headed out the door, they look at something and think, "ah, I don't need that today. I'm fine with what I've got." Then, when they realize they want it, they can see just where it was when they closed the door and left. The image is imprinted in their brain.

As I rode to work this morning, I noticed that telltale softer ride that comes with a deflating tire. Pulled off the front wheel, found the glass, replaced the tube and started pumping. Regret #1 I had my most mini of mini pumps instead of my larger, faster Topeak Road Morph. Sigh...

After finally getting enough air in the tire to ride, I reinstalled the wheel, packed up my repair kit and stepped back onto the pavement, prepared to skip my pre-work errand and get to work on time. But the rear tire was flat now! Regret #2 I had no patches.

So, I did the only thing I could - I walked. I had time to think about how the Morph and the patches were at home, right at the top of the stairs where I load my pack for the ride. I also had time to be glad I was wearing my mountain shoes and it wasn't raining. I made it to the nearest pay phone, probably a mile or so away (yes, I'm one of those people who doesn't own a cell phone) at Lake Otis & Abbott. From there I learned that everyone else had biked in today and the shop truck was loaded with cardboard for the recycling center. I'd have to hoof it.

I made it almost to O'Malley Road when a horn honked. Zane had arrived at the shop and was sent on a rescue mission. We stuffed my bike into his tiny VW, handlebars hanging out the window and in just a few minutes arrived at the shop.

I've been noticing a lot of glass on the paths and roads. I see it every day. I have time to ponder it on my commutes - and even more time on the walk... Would there be less broken glass strewn on the paths if Alaska offered deposits on bottles? Five cents? What would it take to get people from throwing bottles out their car windows? If we put a value on it, will they stop throwing?

Truth-in-advertising disclaimer: Dear readers, I began this post on Monday night, but couldn't finish editing it until Tuesday morning. That's why you early birds didn't see it until late Tuesday a.m. The daily quest continues to challenge me.

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Tapia said...

Yes! States with bottle deposits have less glass litter. They also have less bums asking for "bus money." As a serious flat hater (!!!) I wish every state had bottle deposits (and glass milk bottles, but that's a whole other rant).