Thursday, June 19, 2008

can a weekly go daily?

Manny said I should post more often. He's bored. Tim (another local biking blogger) is on vacation and there's not enough for him to read. Instead of the morning paper, some folks check out the blogs. I do it myself... does Corinne have something new? How's Tapia's tour going? What photo will Katherine post? Will Pete ever post now that he's left Alaska?

Sometimes I learn more about a friend from their postings than I could have picked up in a conversation. I think it's because so many of them are biking friends so we often stay on subject. The longer we know each other, the more we learn new bits and pieces, the things that make each person more interesting and enjoyable to be around. Now the blog is the shortcut into our lives.

The other day I went to a website that helps you link with old classmates from high school. I don't want to admit which reunion is coming up this year, ahem, but I sent a note to an old friend and included the "shortcut" to who I am today. Of course, it's not a full picture of who I am, but an abridged edition. One where she can get an idea of my lifestyle (since she lives in Barbados I am awaiting her comments). I hadn't thought of the site in this way before. I've viewed it as a tool for writing.

One goal of this site for 2008 is to get me to write... did I tell you I'm a writer? I've tried to post at least weekly as a way to compose something and complete my thoughts. It's a writing exercise without the writing circle. So, when my friend Manny said I should post more often, I suggested that if I posted every day, it would just be boring. But here you go - I'm going to take it as a challenge. I will try to post something relevant for a week straight. A good photo w/caption counts - it's my site, I make the rules buddy. But, remember, it's keeping me from reading The Odyssey.

Just one picture of who I am:
Here I am with my Aunt Anna Mae at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Isn't she great?

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corinne said...

You go, girl! I'm enjoying the daily posts (tho I'm catching up on them today). I'm still struggling with weekly posts.