Tuesday, June 17, 2008

share the trail

I was off work today so went for a little ride before doing chores like mowing the lawn, etc. So few people on the trails in midday. I hit a little singletrack, detoured around some soggy spots, then made my way to Brown Bear Trail. A sign at one trailhead reminded me of how the trail got its name.

I know I can't ride every piece of this trail and since I was alone I was a little less inclined to try some of the trickier obstacles. Still getting used to the feel of the brakes on my new bike, too. But I rode more of Brown Bear than I remember riding last year and the trail was super buff thanks to good design and lots of volunteers with Singletrack Advocates.

I didn't see any bears, but this little camouflaged bird came into sight just after I stepped over some roots. The spruce grouse didn't take off when I pulled my camera from my pack or as I got closer to her. Only after I hopped back on the bike did she fly up into a tree, her wings sending up a little puff of dirt and scattering some of last year's leaves.

As I was leaving the park, I saw this lone wild rose on the side of the trail. Yes, it's mid June in Anchorage. Wildflowers are blooming, the sun is setting after 11:30 and the salmon are starting to run. This is why we live here.

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