Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer begins

a sign of summer
along with the longest day
includes the arrival of fish.
salmon return to the rivers of Alaska
and to our freezer

Jon went set-net fishing at Kasilof for two days with our good friends Lynn & Art. It's the second year for this harvest-style fishing for him. They use a boat to set the nets just off shore and haul them in when they have a load. He brought home his limit for our household.

This evening, after work, we spent just over an hour processing about half of them. Jon cut the fish into a few pieces, then rinsed the slime off each one. I wrapped and packed them with the vacuum sealer and stacked them in the freezer. We'll continue the task tomorrow and share some of the harvest with friends who don't fish.

That first taste of fresh grilled salmon marks the beginning of summer. Now it's time to start planning camping trips, bike rides out of town and sip a little red wine while enjoying the tender fish and the long, drawn out sunsets.

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