Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sign of the season

I think these are the bears Jon saw on his commute a week or so ago. He saw them in a clearing just off the Lynx Trail. The sow reared up, the cubs climbed a tree and Jon kept riding. I keep wondering when I'm going to see them... and hoping they'll be traveling away from me.

Still hard to believe it's June with all the cool weather. I forget, is this normal?

Waiting for work to slow down and the trails out of town to dry out. Time to think about rides and hikes in the mountains. Jon & I are hoping to do some backpacking this summer along with the bike riding. I got some new hiking boots a couple weeks ago so I'm ready when it's time to hoist a full pack onto my back once again.

One of our favorite places is Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park. Last time we were there was in 2005 when we hiked part of the route with our friend Janis. We camped for three nights, did day hikes. Janis picked mushrooms and we all picked blueberries. We also encountered a brown bear and cub. Though we've hiked the north end of the trail a few times, we've never done the thru-hike. Maybe this year. I'd really love to check out the southern leg of the trail. Guess I'd better start hiking.

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