Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yeah, just over two miles from home. Rear tire. Changed the tube. Biked home & got the car. Drove to work.
Defeated again by the litterbug, drinking-while-driving people of Anchorage. They probably are the ones trying to run us off the roads or squish us like the annoying bugs of the traffic world we are. (I shake my fist at them and the behemoths they drive!)

OK - I feel a little better now. Ahem...

Here are some things I like:
This bridge on Black Bear Trail crosses a narrow stream. I love the quietness of it when I allow myself to stop and take a breather from a ride.

This web appeared one evening on our deck. Jon had to duck and step around it to get to the grill that evening. He tossed a mosquito into the web and the spider quickly wrapped it in silk for later. The next day the web was gone.

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Alaska's Dirt said...

It really amazes me that people litter so much in this state. At Swan Lakes where we camped in two places, Ken and I wound up picking up beer cans from one site and lots of broken glass from the other. We hauled it back...SAD!