Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and your little dog too!

One of our customers, Ted, was in the shop the other day with his little buddies. Sugar and Tuffy (I think are their names) were pretty content in their shopping panniers. They hung out, allowed us to hold & pet them & were very well-behaved - my favorite kind of dog.

I'm surprised at how many people are taking their dogs biking with them - in baskets, on leashes, in backpacks. The animals seem content to be with their humans & vice-versa.

Years ago, a German woman showed up at the shop. She had fully-loaded panniers and was pulling an empty BOB trailer. Her traveling companion was a cattle dog. She told us the dog ran next to her much of the time but when it got tired, climbed into the BOB for a ride.

The mechanics changed out her fork, and we invited her to spend the night at our apartment before she headed off to the Kenai. A month later a customer told me about the funniest thing he'd seen: a cycle tourist pulling a dog in trailer headed to Homer. Yep. People love their dogs. 


Diana said...

Hi Rose,

I purchased a "Springer" bike attachment to exercise my dogs and it's worked real well. What's great is if for any reason the doggie decides to stop to sniff/bark at another dog, or pee on a tree, the springer give's a little and gently gets the nosey doggie back on track without me being thrown from my bike. Plus, I've got both hands safely on the handle bars, leash free.

bikegirl said...

yeah - we can't keep those in stock. I'm so happy more people are using them when biking w/their dogs. They're safer for everyone, including the dogs.

Maybe I'll see you one of these days?

corinne said...

Now I want a shopping pannier and a little dog!

My shoulder is almost better and I hope to be bike commuting once or twice a week soon. I may have to hold off on mountain biking until after our vacation the first week of July.

thanks for your postings here and for divas, rose.