Thursday, June 26, 2008

not much here

Have you known anyone who talks incessantly, even if they have nothing new or insightful to say? They may start to ramble and even become incoherent... well, that may involve a little imbibing I suppose. You just want to stop them before they embarrass themselves.

The web allows any one of us to blather on via keyboard. Fortunately, we can just click away from a site and spare ourselves reading through someone's manifesto. Or we can sink more time into it and wonder where the hour went.

I'm wrapping up a week of trying to go daily. Trying, because it didn't quite work out that way. Yesterday, I worked on a post. But I didn't have anything insightful and coherent to say... note to self: maybe hold off on the red until you're done editing... I was a little disappointed and momentarily thought I could complete something this morning on my day off. But no. If you got nothing, you got nothing. (Besides, I'm still trying to read The Odyssey which is quite enjoyable.)

Thus, the experiment ends with a sigh and realization. I could have relied on posting photos on the days that I couldn't make something work, but that feels like cheating. The idea is writing. Writing, for me, involves lots of editing. That's the part that makes it all work. Yet the editing takes time. So, best to skip a day than to post something lame. Now, back to the weekly-ish, whenever I feel I have something to day.

But before we go:
I had a good ride this evening with the Divas. It included Brown Bear trail - still in awesome shape - and some other singletrack. I'll fess up now: I got a new bike this winter: a new full-suspension from Giant (same brand as my last one). It rides so sweetly on the trails - floats over things; handles well. Here's my new little trail buddy on Brown Bear last week. Subtle but powerful... remind you of anyone?*Thanks for reading.

*part of my difficulty with my late night posts is that I'm a Craig Ferguson fan. Listening to the monologue instead of doing my homework is quite the challenge.

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Diana said...

Hi Rose,

We've just become addicted to Craig too! He is so smartly funny. I never mean to stay up so late, but since it seems to be getting sunny at the end of the day, I find that I'm inclined to stay up a like David Letterman, but Craig is who I'm staying up for.

So how many bikes now? I'd do the same thing if I worked at your shop. Don't think I'd ever get a paycheck. Besides, one should have a bike for every occasion, and I'd need to test the products I'd be selling, so I'd be a knowledgeable salesperson.

Diana R (akknittingdiva)