Monday, July 14, 2008

report on Jo-Ann's surgery

My friend Jo-Ann hurt her shoulder playing softball - another reason cyclists shouldn't play ball sports, unless, of course, it's bike polo. She sent this update to our mountain bike club. I must share it with you.

I miss biking with Jo-Ann. Speedy recovery.

Jo-Ann's report (word for word):
1. rotator cuff surgery went well - actually i have no idea since i was knocked out with a hammer; it's true they used a hammer and i'm not even sure it was a doctor who took the hammer to the right side of my cortex. in fact, i'm not even sure it was a hospital. the lobby looked like a dry ice packing shack.
2. after the drugs wore off, i didn't feel pain until the cat jumped on me in the middle of the night. funny thing, the cat looked like an eel. and also, we don't have a cat.
3. i hate eel kat. exclamation point.
4. oh yeah, i have given up shifting based on principal and convenience.
5. i like lists.
6. i don't have nothing to say about biking but i'm not going to let that stop me from typing away with my one good arm which is lame from years of neglect and ridicule from the smarter dominant arm, but lamo lefty says at least she didn't fall on me, i mean she may think she's light, but she's not, and so it goes.

Finally, I saw this on a car at a trailhead last week:mmmm, waffles!

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corinne said...

even under duress she's funny.
in solidarity, i'm typing this one-handed.