Sunday, July 20, 2008


I had kind of a bummer week. I was feeling tired and blue. Maybe it's the weather; maybe I've been dreaming too much about other places I'd like to be (I guess that's weather-related too). In short, I was kind of feeling sorry for myself.

Then Saturday rolled around. For most, that's the day to sleep in, do chores and maybe catch up on some fun with friends. For us, it was a day to be at work early, and also prepare to go to a party after work. Our friends were getting married and, coincidently, it was our tenth anniversary. Still, I didn't feel much like celebrating.

But the card from Jon on the dining room table told me he was looking forward to the next 10 years and I felt a little guilty that my attitude kept me from picking up a card for him... I know; that's how sad I was. Then he asked me to open the curtain over the window that looks out onto the back yard.

And, there they were: Pigs!
Two pigs in the back yard and suddenly I was a little kid.
Pigs! On their little round steel legs and with curly spring tails.
In the tall grass that couldn't be mowed on Thursday because of the rain.
They look up toward the window. I see them and smile.
And I told Jon that if I felt any stress at work I would just think of the pigs.
Kitty checks out the new pet.

We've been ten years married and even longer together. Sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate the many things Jon does. This? How can I forget when he does something that is so perfect?
Kitty appreciates Jon too.

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