Monday, July 21, 2008

manbearpig and other sightings

Jon and I hit some of the trails last night on the way home from work. At the top of Viewpoint, we saw this sign. I saw one of these out at Kincaid last week. Apparently the hunt is still on for manbearpig. No sign of Al Gore.
Jon wonders why he didn't think to post this sign.

Later, riding near the ponds, we were aware of the most recent trail user. Yeah, that's a big one. Glad I was riding with Jon. I started making a little more noise. Especially after I saw a couple piles of scat. Well, find a partner and go for a ride in Bicentennial Park. You'll likely have the trails to yourselves (except for the critters).


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I have not yet run into manbearbig, either, but I will let you know if I do.

bikegirl said...

Hi Amy. Thanks. I sometimes wonder who's reading & I see you are also a writer.

And, to all the readers, I should clarify that when I said "I saw one of these out at Kincaid," it was another sign, not a manbearpig. I hope you haven't all been out in the park searching for him.