Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the good in 2008

Every year has its rough spots and challenges. This year the Anchorage biking and outdoor-loving community sure had our share. It was one of the coldest summers on record with lots of rainy days. Two people were seriously hurt by two different brown bears in my favorite park leading to an exodus of park users and a trail closure. Politically, Alaskans had to do lots of explaining to friends in the Lower-48 after our governor became a vp candidate. Some politicians went on trial and to jail.

But, looking back there were plenty of positives in my 2008.

I went to Italy with my aunt.

I rode my snow bike lots, especially with Jon.

Jon helped me build wheels for my single-speed project.

I got a new distributor for my book.

I skied with my friends, Jo-Ann & Corinne.
We had more snow in one day in April than we ever expected! (That's maybe not necessarily good, but it gave us something to talk about.)
I biked with my friends, the Alaska Dirt Divas.Jon & I hiked.
Skinny bike trails were built by Singletrack Advocates.

We didn't get rained on during my birthday ride.

My friends & I had three sunny days in a row for our biking overnighter at Eklutna Lake!

Jon & I flew south to experience summer.

Our candidates won! (all but one; sorry Ethan)

I still have health insurance!

Jon and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

The journey continues.
I wonder what 2009 will bring,
Adventures and quests.
Small discoveries and joy.

May you share it with friends.
May you remember to get more photos
of you with your sweetie.

Happy New Year!


Deb Vanasse said...

Great photos! And thanks for the 49 Writers link.

Andromeda Romano-Lax said...

Happy New Year Rose. Great summary and as always, great photos. (And by the way, I'm adding your blog to my blogroll now -- I thought I'd done that LOOONG ago but this is my 'fix old goofs' week so I'll try adding again now!)

bikegirl said...

And thanks for adding me to the blogroll - I just noticed I'm there because while you were on my blog, I was on yours...
Okay, back to figuring out my goals for 09.

corinne said...

I'm so honored to be part of your year end summary! I look forward to more skiing and biking and trail grooming (i.e. snowshoeing) with you when we return in a couple of weeks. I've noticed that the rainy summer made a couple of Alaskans' year end blogs. It's rainy and cool here in Hue, Vietnam, and feels very much like home! We have to get back into an Alaskan state of mind for sightseeeing today and just ignore how wet it is if we want to do anything other than watch TV.

Happy New Year to you and Jon!