Saturday, December 27, 2008

cold hands, warm hearts

Eric and Jennifer met last year at the ice carving competition. Just over six months later they got married. Their wedding, coincidently took place on our 10th wedding anniversary -- yes, the day Jon gave me the pair of pigs. Sure, that's a short time to meet and get married but when it's right, it's right.

Today they were downtown at Town Square Park carving their new creation in a prominent spot above the skating rink when a local reporter approached.
Eric carving ice into water.

The couple told the story of their sculpture then told her how they'd met. I could see the reporter's interest. How wonderfully romantic it is to return to the place where they met and enjoy the activity that brought them together. Single-digit temps were chilling most people and a gaitor covered Jennifer's smile, but that kind of happiness could melt the ice in the rink.

Jennifer carving a salmon.

The carvings should be done by Sunday evening for the judging. I think I'll check 'em out again.

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