Friday, January 2, 2009

goals and cliches OR my better year

my better year
must be quantifiable and specific
no vague statements such as
lose weight
exercise more
and be more organized.

Take charge more
travel more
take more chances
write more
surf less
find the right word
read more books.
play music more.

Instead, I will:
lose 10 pounds
because 15 sounds like too much
ride my bike or run or ski
five days a week
file away paperwork
once per week
because the office piles
are too inviting for the kitty.

When we're going to dinner
Instead of saying "where do YOU want to go?"
when Jon asks "where do you want to go?"
I'm going to tell him where I want to go...
then ask if that works for him.

I'll book those tickets, then tell him when we're leaving.
I'll take those road trips I've meant to take
to all the towns on the road system
I'll fly in a small plane. Um, maybe.

I'll write every day. Something.
Can I include email?
I'll limit my surfing time to an hour a day,
unless it's to research something I'm writing.
In that case, I'll try not to follow the links
to more information that is not relevant to the project.
You know where I'm heading here, yes?

In conversations around the house,
I will refrain from calling an object:
a thing, a thingy or a thingamajig,
unless it is the game called thingamajig.
(Or a VW Thing... remember that?)

By reading more books, I could say I will
finish those I've started,
Read what I've bought before buying more,
Use the library more.
I could consult the list of "books you should read
before you die."
How about read the books people expect I've read
because I was an English major?

More realistic would be: I will read the books
that hold my interest.
and I will play my mandolin three days a week.
All this will start
When I am good and ready.

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