Friday, August 22, 2008

sweet singletrack

Jon and I headed out to Bicentennial Park this afternoon to ride the trails (OK, he also planned to pick mushrooms). After climbing up Spencer Loop and making our way up Llama, we rode the new STA singletack from just below Prospect Heights to where it returned to the Gasline.


The trail crews have done a great job from designing to finishing the trail. A trail with some flow, some banks, some twists and rollers. This is how a bike trail should ride! And just a few miles to get there from my house. More trails are coming. Time for more people to pony up and make a donation to Singletrack Advocates.

Oh, yeah. Here are just a few of the mushrooms Jon harvested - these were just off Moose Meadow Trail. They'll be yummy this winter in the risotto.

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