Sunday, August 31, 2008

hey readers!

Local author, Andromeda Romano-Lax, has posted an interesting question on her new blog The question was posed before the latest political news: Gov. Palin as vice-presidential candidate. And now that Palin is on the Republican ticket, can we still hope that Obama will come to Alaska? I've already decided that if he does I'll take the day off work and if everyone from the shop wants to see him talk, well, we should just close the shop so they can.

Must it be that our three electoral votes are guaranteed to go to the GOP? Sigh. All the more reason to get that Obama sign for my yard. Oh, so, I guess now you know just a wee bit about my politics... more on that later.

Meanwhile, if you head on over to Andromeda's site, you can post your thoughts on your favorite book about Alaska. For my readers from outside Alaska, the choices listed to date are among the best of books to learn more about our complex state. I'll post my favorite soon. After all, if you post, you could win a prize! Happy reading.

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Alaska's Dirt said...

Thanks for this info.......I will make sure to pick up Andromeda's book. I read McPhee's Coming Into the Country years ago before I moved here.....a book I will have to reread. It is good to get informed about where we are living and our politics and yet easier to bury our heads in the ground. Palin presents a scary picture to me......I mean she could be our next president? I guess these days, you don't need experience - perhaps the new age of ignorance?