Saturday, August 2, 2008

rabbit lake trail - part 2

Looking back toward S. Anchorage at around 9pm

On the 30th of July we took a one night camping trip to Rabbit Lake. It's a short hike (as you may recall from July 10) we could accomplish after work, set up the tent and be away from the city, though perched almost within view.

I woke at 7am to rain on the tent. Awaking again at 8, it had stopped. Later, the sound of small boulders knocking against each other turned out to be sheep high on a slope on the opposite side of the lake. I watched them for awhile as they made their way along the slope.

We spent the day hiking, first toward the base of the Suicide Peaks, where we watched three climbers working their way up snow patches and scree fields. We then made our way toward the McHugh trail - the approach to Rabbit Lake that comes from the Seward Highway trailhead. We hiked past tarns of different sizes, some with snow still on the water. After reaching a saddle overlooking Turnagain Arm, we headed back uphill toward our tent.

As we were hiking out, we left the cloudy front range mountains and emerged into the bright evening sunshine. Destination: Arigato for sushi. After a day of sparse eating and a few miles of hiking it was great to sit down and be served at our favorite sushi place.

Speaking of favorite places in Spenard, after splashing through dozens of puddles and navigating a couple creek crossings, I must say I love the Aku hiking boots I bought at AMH. My feet stayed dry even when I was walking in a few inches of water and they were stable on the side slopes. Exactly what I set out to find this spring. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

We are those 3 climbers..! Here's a link to our blog post about that trip...

bikegirl said...

cool. I can email you some pics. I'll post some so you can see what we saw.