Monday, August 4, 2008

mushrooms, continued

Part of Jon's Monday haul.

We got together with Corinne and Paul on Sunday night for a mushroom-picking excursion, then dinner. We headed to Bicentennial Park, to a spot just a few miles from the house. Into the woods we stepped with our market totes and pocket knives as Jon pointed out the various fungi pushing through last year's dried leaves.

We didn't know what we'd find because it hadn't rained in a couple days. Many of the mushrooms were filled with bugs or otherwise past their prime. We found a few boletes that were worth keeping and putting into the dehydrator to enjoy in the dark of winter.

We didn't see any wildlife, but were again reminded of the other park users.Corinne checks out the prints - look how far apart the feet are!

At the house Jon grilled some salmon and made a mushroom sauce to serve with homemade pasta. Corinne's fresh green salad and some produce from the farmer's market rounded it out. A little wine; a little food source talk. Someone pointed out we were having our own dinner party ala Omnivore's Dilemma. Living the good life in Alaska has to include enjoying the local food, some of it wild, some cultivated. We're pretty fortunate to have some of it right here in the woods and slopes of Anchorage, free for the picking.


Charlotte said...

OK Bikegirl, you have to get those (delicious looking!) mushrooms home in something, so I hope you'll play. I'm a snoop, and I want to see what you carry in your bike bag, and ideally *why*. Do you carry a bear bell? That sort of thing. Will you play along?
Here's the invitation

bikegirl said...

Ooh! Another assignment...

Alright. But honestly, Jon is the hauler so I'll have to include his commuting/mushrooming pack in the revealing post. I'll warn you though, it won't be very stylish.

Glad I have a few days to work on this. Any more Alaskans want to chime in on Charlotte's request? How about you climbers?