Thursday, August 14, 2008

it's in the bag

Last week, Charlotte posted the question, "What's in your bag?" Here's my somewhat long answer.

About the bags: My commute is just shy of nine miles each way and includes a couple trails through a large park - the one with all the bears - streets and some bike paths. So, it's important that my pack is comfortable. I never could learn to like the messenger bags except for very short rides.

I travel with one of two packs. My Camelbak if I have lots to carry to work; my aging Platypus pack on lighter days. They're both hydration packs, but for the commute, I prefer to just put a water bottle on the bike. Besides the pack, each bike I ride is outfitted with a seat bag that includes a tube, patches, a multi-tool and a tire lever. My mountain bike seat bag also has a little first aide kit.

Here's what I normally carry in my pack:
garage door opener
sunglass case with extra lenses
prescription glasses and contact lens case
spare camera batteries
lip balm

When I emptied out the packs this evening, I also found:
a few coins
lara bar
empty Carboom package
Hammergel flask
small notebook & pen (inside a ziploc bag)
earband (that one's from fabulous Sheila Moon)

Sometimes I carry clothes, but try to have a few outfits at work. Sometimes a rain jacket, but not usually. Right now the sun sets at around 10pm. Once the daylight decreases a bit more, I'll add my helmet-mounted light to the setup - the battery will go into my pack until April.

What I don't carry; well, Charlotte asked about this - I don't carry bear spray and never have, though I'm thinking about it. I priced it recently and it would be $50 for a cannister w/holster. You wouldn't want the spray IN the bag because by the time you reach it, it could be too late. As for the mushrooms, Jon uses a small backpack and puts a mesh potato sack inside for the little treasures. He carries a small knife to cut them from the ground. That's strapped to the hip belt.

So, that's what's in my bag(s). Hope it was infotaining.

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Charlotte said...

Indeed it's infotaining! What a perfect word.

I should start carrying some of my things in plastic bags. That's very clever.