Friday, May 1, 2009

days like these

Spring found Anchorage this week. The cold gave way to sunny days and above-freezing nights. Roads and paths are being swept. Choosing the road bike is the obvious choice for days like today. People are happy - drivers included!

We had a busy day at the shop - the busiest all season - but the warmth and sunshine lightened the mood, even for those waiting in line to pay for one or two little items or waiting to get information on a bike. A positive vibe filled the shop all day.

Riding home, nearing the Lake Otis path, a first for the season: other riders, recreational riders biking on the path that I so often have to myself when riding to and from work. That, my friends, is the true sign of spring... along with this sign at the Smokejumper Trailhead:

yep, they've been out for awhile, though I've not seen them...

And this one:
How long will it take?

Looks like May could be a busy month as everyone gets ready for the biking season. Recession be damned! Anchorage is going to ride bikes!

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