Wednesday, April 29, 2009

please scroll down...

Hey, I've been putting off publishing a few posts. The dates that appear are when I actually wrote them. I'll try to be more prompt but can't guarantee it. (See two posts below.) Thanks for understanding.

To update, I'm going to ride the Bike for Women course again tonight with my friends and since seeing my doctor yesterday, I've regained my balance. Say "yes!" to pharmaceuticals.

I've patched the flat (yes, Manny, patched) on my commuter. Oh, I guess I didn't mention that when I grabbed my commuter on Sunday morning it had a flat from my commute home on Friday. Snapped a fender on the road bike and cut 10 minutes off my ride into work. Isn't that nuts?

Alright folks. It's been a beautiful day in Anchorage. I've spent much of it finishing my comments on the Far North Bicentennial Park Trails Improvement Plan and delivering books to my distributor (a sure sign of spring). I saw a couple bees on the buds on one of my trees this afternoon. The leaves are about to open. The aerobars are attached to my road bike. It's spring.


Alaska's Dirt said...

hi there.......just heard something on the NPR about vertigo...while it sounds serious, it turns out to be a minor condition.
(anyway, am in grading land hell....)
looking forward to next week and seeing everyone!
ps-took my first short bike ride last week! a delight....

bikegirl said...

yeah, mine was caused by something else so the maneuvers didn't help... better now though.
It'll be fun to see you next week! I'm sure your outfit will be fabulous!