Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bike week

Chester Creek Trail, going green.

Each day the trees grow greener as the leaves open more, softening the lines of the white and brown birch. It's Bike to Work Week, but today, on my day off, I decided I'd ride to an appointment, then bike around town - to the Loussac Library, then to Title Wave bookstore (neither had the book I was seeking... oh well). After navigating the side streets, the still gravel-covered paths and sidewalks of Midtown and Spenard, I headed away from the traffic to Westchester Lagoon.
This duck would dive, then stay underwater for half a minute before popping to the surface 10 feet from where it started.

Anchorage trails on a sunny springtime day are busy with cyclists and runners, walkers, families and disc golf players. Just east of Valley of the Moon Park, Kelli and Anna were practicing some moves on this "silk" they'd hung from a tree along the side of the trail.

Kelli offers Anna some pointers

They were having a good time in the warm sun, drawing some attention from passersby. It looks pretty fun - this from a girl who doesn't like heights. Kelli said they normally practice indoors at UAA, but on such a nice day, they just couldn't stay indoors. If I was more brave, I'd put on a leotard and join them. Hmmm. Just a thought!

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Betty Mountain Girl said...

I've actually had that silk/hanging/yoga like thing on my list of things to try. It looks like fun!