Sunday, May 3, 2009

race day


Here I am with my friends after some of us finished the race today (a few were about to start and some were still out on the course). I'm wearing the prototype Alaska Fireweed jersey in a women's fit (hopefully, coming soon to a shop near you). It has been a beautiful day and the race went well.

I didn't really have any plans for after the ride. So, I went home and put the new Brooks saddle on the commuter and wiped down the bike a little. Then, in preparation for the Wednesday's annual Alaska Dirt Divas Spring Formal bike ride, I decorated the handlebars, attaching the flowers with velcro.

My neighbors thought it looked very nice, and I agree. I pulled them off before doing a little ride around the neighborhood, so they will be bright and clean for the ride on Wednesday. Now, if only I could figure out what to wear!

new saddle and all dressed up!

another angle...


Tapia said...

Gorgeous!!! Lovely flowers:)

bikegirl said...

Yeah, I was inspired by the Chic Cyclist to make things all pretty.
Charlotte gives all the style-inspiration I need.

Katie said...

Very nice!
I'm new to the city & new to commuting via bike-- any suggestions for a good beginners commuter bike &/or local bike shops? Thanks in advance!

bikegirl said...

Hi Katie-Lynne -
welcome to Anchorage... you arrived at the right time of year.
I work at Paramount, in South Anchorage. Swing by - we should have something that will work for you.

You might check out and to find other info on commuting and other bike-related links.
Maybe I'll see you on the trails...

Katie said...

I will come check you out soon! Thank you-