Sunday, April 19, 2009

bird encounters in threes

Spring is the return of birds
birds in motion
migrating birds
year-round birds

Wednesday's birds
a circling pair
hawks, high above
the Campbell Creek

drawing figure eights
chasing away ravens
seeking smaller birds
and rodents to plunder

and so graceful above us
we stopped and turned
our heads up to the sky
warmed by the daylight

Friday, the teal of a mallard
caught my eye
on the side of the road it rested,
his mate nearby

they are back
and my day is happier
their journey almost done
to their summer home

Sunday, pedaling along
a park road
on a quiet, sunny

A movement
a flash of brilliant
blue set off by the sun
ah, sweet sunshine

There, in the dried brush
of last fall
on the side of the road
two jays perched

I pedaled by
thrilled at the vision
of the blue
the sharp, black crown

each spring this chance
arises, we slow down
look, listen. we can
watch the world awaken

(picture of Stellar's jay)

1 comment:

we;shcyclist said...

Living here in Wales, UK., I see the same birds as you, hawks, ravens, mallards, and am always thrilled to see the flash of blue, that adforns the jay. Small world eh ?