Sunday, May 4, 2008

friendly, yet unpredictable

I was crossing a bit of the Campbell Tract the other day, riding and pushing through the slush on my way to work. A dog stopped in the middle of the trail, its owner a few yards behind. I stopped and got off my bike. That's when the person thanked me, told me the dog was just a puppy and wouldn't do anything. So I decided to say something.

"This is a leashed area."
"I have a leash in my pack," she stated, as though that was the same as the dog being ON the leash. "I didn't expect to see anyone here."

Well folks, I've heard a few dogs described as "friendly" just as they were starting to chase me or someone I knew down the trail or street. It's an animal with instincts to chase, hunt down, track or herd. Friendly? Sure. Predictable? Not so much. Hmmm, kind of like me...

Now please put your four-legged buddy on a leash. Maybe it'll keep him away from this unpredictable creature.

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corinne said...

Last weekend when we were in Talkeetna, a mini-van pulled over on the bike path, about 100 feet downhill from a parking area. A woman got out as we biked by, having to go into the road to get around the van. I pointed out that there was a parking area just up ahead (clearly visible) and that this was a BIKE PATH. She said she wanted to see the moose in the meadow there ... as if that was an excuse for being too lazy to walk 100' and leave the path to bikes and pedestrians. Scowflaws!