Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vanity will get you

The driver of a Dodge truck intentionally swerved toward my co-worker, Peter, this morning as Peter was riding his bike to work. Lots of us commute to work each day from different parts of town. We mind our own business, stay alert and try to enjoy the ride before and after a busy day.

Then a truck swerves at someone. The thing is, Peter chased the guy. Words were exchanged, including a statement that next time Peter wouldn't be so lucky. At the shop, we talked about possible scenarios while Peter was on hold with the APD non-emergency line. He's going to report the guy. He might start carrying pepper spray.

Meanwhile, if you know a guy with a white Dodge Ram with the vanity plate "VETRAN," beware. He's no friend to cyclists. And, the worst part is, he's not alone.


Diana said...

I'm glad Peter didn't get hit by that truck. There are some real jerks around town. I hope that this guys threats will be taken seriously.

Charlotte said...

I've never wanted to have to use it, but it has been pointed out to me that a U-lock can be used like a billy club.

I'm sorry to hear about Peter, that is the scariest part of being a cyclist.