Monday, April 28, 2008

bike lanes

Tonight I helped out at the Mayor's project open house. Highlights of all the projects going on in Anchorage. I've been involved in the new Bike Plan for Anchorage and we were presenting that tonight. On either side of our booth were the Bike to Work Day people and a new group: the BCAA, Bicycle Commuters Alliance of Anchorage It was pretty cool to see what a draw cycling, specifically commuting by bicycle, was. People offered comments and insight to help make Anchorage easier for commuting.

I took a few minutes to wander over to the plans to redo Victor
View Larger Map between Dimond and 100th. That's where the reality of all the optimistic routes we have drawn on our maps came to a launched-over-the-handlebars halt. There's plenty of room to put bike lanes on Victor. Bike lanes are a much better place for commuters than the path (which will be replaced). But it's about the funding. While we don't mind spending millions to put in bridges for four lane highways through wetlands, we aren't deciding to build a wider roadbed to accommodate cyclists.

We've got the chance now. It's all about getting the funding put into the right pot of money. I guess it's in the hands of AMATs. But it's our money - shouldn't we have the chance to say where it's spent?

It's a feel-good experience putting together ideas for the future of my community; it sometimes feels like I'm pounding my head on the curbs to actually have those ideas implemented.

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