Friday, April 25, 2008

obvious topic

I rode home last night for the second time without my studded tires. So much faster and quieter, I enjoyed hearing the birds and noticing how much less snow was covering the ground. I even left work at a reasonable time, so didn't need a headlamp.

In the yard at an intersection I ride past on Lake Otis every time I commute are various metal sculptures. A few weeks ago I told Jon I'd love to have one in our back yard in the middle of the fireweed patch we allow to grow every year. But, he pointed out, if it was in the fireweed, we wouldn't see it. On our commute, we see if every day.

Last night, when I stopped to take a few photos, I saw something unusual. Someone had left an offering. Eggs and bananas and something in a cup (looks like bugs). I guess worshipping a metal sculpture or bringing it offerings is not so different from making offerings at a temple. I wonder what meaning this had for the person who left it. I've never noticed anything like this here before, but normally I just glide right by. I don't stop to examine.

Tonight, Anchorage is again covered in snow. Nineteen inches at our place when we got home from work - relieved we decided to drive. The sculptures are again covered, as are the bananas and eggs and the tiny shoots of grass that were emerging from the winter's heavy snow. Another week. A few. Maybe back to the studs. Maybe an extra drive in the car.
At this stage, all I can do is laugh. I can't change it - I can barely shovel it! It's out of my control and the control of everyone else who's wondering when the snow will stop surprising us. Well, that's nature. Now, go out and build yourself a snowman! The snow's perfect for it.

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