Tuesday, December 11, 2007

snow, no snow

Today, finally a little snow is falling in Anchorage. The media has been crying about the low snow conditions for a couple weeks. Even I'd like to see a little more snow fall, but last Friday, I took advantage of the conditions to go for a little ride on the ice.

I met my friend Jo-Ann on the Campbell Tract where all the trails that previously were covered with slush had turned to ice. In some areas it was rutted, but mostly fantastic conditions.

The Campbell Creek was high; overflowing its banks, but hadn't yet flowed over the trails. Salmon Run, Moose Bone, Rover's Run and Lynx Trail were fast and slick & Jo-Ann really appreciated her new studded tires. It was great to get out on the bike after having been knocked down by a cold, then distracted by the marathon of film watching - the Anchorage International Film Fest. Even the short daylight hours didn't deter us (thanks Cateye).

Now, after a few days above freezing, I'm ready for the conditions to get cold so the best riding of the year can continue. I hear people have been hitting the mudflats... better check that out.

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