Monday, December 24, 2007

full moon christmas eve

Just over a week ago, Jon & I finished building our snow bikes, the Pugsleys. After taking mine on a couple rides, I wanted to bike into work so that we could ride home on the trails on the new bikes.

So, at around 6:30, after stringing some holiday lights on my frame, we left the shop and headed for the park.
From the time we entered the trailhead on Elmore Road until we reached the bridge at the Airstrip we had the trails to ourselves. Even spotted a singletrack with fat tire tracks on it, so checked that out. Moose Meadow, Rover's Run. All were hard-packed but dusted with fresh snow from last night.

Clouds crossing the sky covered, then revealed, the full moon througout the evening. In the trees everything was still. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and we plan to go for a long daylight ride to explore together the winter routes in the park. Because except for our commute, it seems we don't have much opportunity to ride together.

Well, may your Santa bring you the biking stuff you want. And may you enjoy the holiday doing what you love.

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