Wednesday, December 26, 2007

return to blue dot

We woke Christmas day to snow falling from the grey skies. Small flakes landing in layer upon layer on the neighborhood streets and in the yard. After breakfast and opening presents... including my new camera!, we stuck with the plan to go out for a bike ride.

Up to the trailhead and across the mushing bridge to Salmon Run trail. On to the Tour trail, we rode through snow as deep as our rims. We were the first to hit Blue Dot trail, though where we hopped on, there are no blue dots to follow, just a somewhat defined singletrack winding among trees and tussocks, then across the creek on a rickety bridge.

It was a sound-effects ride with "oofs" and screams as I bounced between logs & tussocks on the zig-zag of snow. Blue dot has many offshoots and the one we took dumped us at Elmore where we then made our way to Lynx Trail. It was so much easier going on the trail that'd been trampled down by other trail users.

While stopped to have a look at a moose munching on trees on the side of the trail, we ran into our friends, Jo-Ann & Adam who were skiing. I think they're in training to be Mr & Mrs Claus.

I'm sure if we didn't have the Pugsleys, we'd have been on our skis, too. But we needed to see what the pugs could do. They could go through practically everything. Cool.

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