Monday, March 2, 2009


I like bread. Good, crusty bread that soaks up salad dressing and pasta sauces. Bread for French toast. Bread that leaves crumbs on my plate. Bread to go with soup and a few chunks of cheese.

Years ago, I became acquainted with the chief ranger from the Chugach State Park. I didn't have a permit for a group ride so Jerry left a message on my answering machine. Oh, man, was I in trouble! He was all business, I thought, so I'd better meet with him right away. During the meeting, which I had nervously anticipated, I discovered he wasn't that bad after all. And over the years, I realized he was a good guy who loved the outdoors. When he retired from his job, I also found out he loves to bake. Bread. Good bread.

So, Jerry went to baking school with plans to open a bake shop with his wife right here in Anchorage. Shortly before the election last November, I saw him at a campaign office. The bakery is coming along, he told me. In January, I stopped by the location. Ovens were being installed. Tables would line the south-facing windows. Soon, he told me. Soon.

While I was out of town, the emails started coming in. Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop was open, the free-trade coffee was brewing. Sandwiches were made. Last Friday, Jon and I headed downtown to 14th & G for a taste of the croissants - whole wheat - and for some crusty, European-style bread. Did I mention that I like bread? If you like bread, you should make a special trip to get some. And if you have a passion, you should follow it, even if it takes awhile to get there.

Congratulations Jerry & Janis on your new bake shop!


Diana said...

My kid's school (also my work) are right by their bakery. We're all very excited about their opening.

Andromeda Romano-Lax said...

I plan to check out the bakery. Thanks!

And you are one tough chick, by the way. Winter biking. North winds. Plus traffic. Brrrrr!