Sunday, March 22, 2009


Six inches of powdery-fresh snow last night gave us a dense pack on the ground by midday. Jon got a lift from me into work this morning, having made the decision to go for a ride on the way home. Once home, he described to me the various trail conditions, from plowed pathways to untrammeled trails in the park.

Climbing, he said, was a futile endeavor. After the great conditions we've had for the last couple weeks, he'd forgotten how hard it sometimes is to pedal the somewhat heavier winter bike when the snow is fresh. Upon hearing this, I rushed to the refrigerator to retrieve a slip of paper containing a Bob Roll quote from one of the Tours de France. It was gone, no doubt the victim of ambitious spring cleaning. But we remembered it well as Bob described another pro cyclist's attempt to beat Lance up the mountains: the guy had "hope-induced amnesia."

We've all had it at one point, haven't we?

kitty never forgets how to get out of a tree.

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Tim said...

I've suffered from hope-induced amnesia countless times. I also think of it as WhatthehellwasIthinking Disease.