Tuesday, January 6, 2009

twenty-six below

Just because I've been off the bike doesn't mean Jon isn't riding. He's been commuting to work in this cold spell. This evening his thermometer registered a new low: 26.1 below at the Campbell Tract. It's all about the right equipment, head to toe.

Handlebar poagies, winter boots with heated insoles, facemask, wool mittens.
Layers, layers, layers.

Jon arrives home from work, mighty frosty.
(He was wearing sports shields & still
has a little frost on his eyelashes.

I'm pretty impressed with his dedication. And hoping that when he's ready to drive his car it will start. I'm also hoping that when my hand is ready to hold onto the handlebar we will have returned to 20 above zero. I'll even take 10.

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