Saturday, January 10, 2009


We obsess, I know
But these many days of frigid
more than typical
have us Anchoragites
hitting the weather websites
the mesonet
the wunderground
calling the 844
recording the minutia
that is early January, 2009

And tonight
downtown to the
parkstrip we went
bundled again for a walk
through the elements
not just to shuffle from the
car to the market
house to the mailbox
instead, we went
to walk on snow
through snow
between snow
around snow

We entered what could be called
a labrynth
reminiscent of a kiva
a circle with no top
a hedge made of snow
a walk around, through, the walled perimeter
looks like a dead end, then
turn to see the fire
in the center
down the enormous steps
prepared for theater
in the round
and the sparks cracked
flying up and out, above the circle
and we stepped close to warm
our hands and noses
drawn to the light and heat
drawn together with strangers
and friends

Sheltered from the wind
we are united around the flame
and though clouds obscure
the moon
we are aware of its fullness
its closeness orbiting
as we orbit above this flame
heat, like gravity keeping us
in place
keeps us from drifting too far
yet, satisfied
we draw away from its hold
venture back through the entrance
reverse our circle
and land outside
stepping onto more snow
and a pile of wood
that will keep us warm
while we wait for the temperature
to vault over zero

Find out about Freeze.
What's the mesonet?


Alaska's Dirt said...

hey.......i wonder how "freeze" is doing now? looks wonderful and i hope their work isn't ruined (i know several of the artists)
i was hoping to ski by this week-end and take a look?

Anonymous said...

you should consider putting a link to another great alaska girl bike blog on your list...Up in Alaska.
Seems like you have some lots in common.