Tuesday, December 17, 2013

on the radio

At Knik Glacier, 2011.
I've been invited to participate in a winter biking discussion that will air on our local public radio station. I had to dig back to remember how long I've been riding on fattire bikes, having made the migration from studded tires on standard mountain rims to SnoCat (44mm) rims to the 80mm rims I ride on these days. It was Christmastime 2007 when Jon and I made the leap onto the fat tires. That was the year we got the Pugsleys. Then a few years ago, we made the change to the wider-rimmed Mukluks. For riding on snow (or sand), there is no going back.

In preparation for the radio program, here are a few pics from some of my more scenic winter bike rides. Enjoy! Then listen to the program on Thursday on KSKA.

At the Placer River on my ice bike with 44mm SnoCat rims.
Riding around near the Placer River.
My first fat tire bike (with 65mm rims) on Middlefork.
With my friend Margaret on Resurrection Trail.
Margaret on Resurrection Trail.
Middlefork on the Mukluk (80mm rims).
With Jon and friends at Knik Glacier, 2011.
At Knik Glacier, 2011.
Looking through all these photos makes me pretty excited about getting out onto some of the more remote rides, though I'm still not mentally prepared for 20 below! No worries; the weather here is always just about to change, right?


Katey Schultz said...

Rose! You are a ROCK STAR! These are breathtaking photos. I wish I could tune in and stream the show - alas, I have dinner plans during the first airing and will be fast asleep during the second. Knock 'em dead!

Melissa said...

My boyfriend and I attempted to mountain bike in Lake Tahoe, CA in January, and we didn't expect there to be snow on the trail. We attempted to bike it just to see what would happen, and of course the results were hilarious--falling over, slipping, and eventually walking our bikes up to a lookout. We did bike down the snow, though, and what a treat that was! With the right kind of bike, I would imagine snow biking would be AWESOME. Thanks for posting about your experiences--it makes me want to go out and try it the right way!