Friday, August 19, 2011

making plans

Last month I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to do a beach ride from Kasilof to Homer on the fat-tire bikes. Then I didn't make any plans. When she brought it up a week or so ago I realized that the summer was fast slipping away and we'd better get planning. I pulled out the tide table book and started studying, looking for the lowest high tides in an area with tides that rise over 20 feet.

On the beach near Kasilof with my Mukluk.

Now it looks like we'll head out sometime around Labor Day. We may start at Clam Gulch instead of Kasilof, but we're still working on the plans. I think biking the western shoreline of the Kenai Peninsula to Homer is going to become one of those summer rides that is anticipated by fat-tire cyclists as much as a hard-packed singletrack through snow on a moonlit night. I know when I got my taste of it while at our set-net site in June I wanted to just keep on riding to see how far I could go.

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Of course, we wouldn't be on the road.

And as if I wasn't already planning it, the crew from Salsa, a filmmaker and some friends made the ride earlier this week. Doesn't that give you something to look forward to?

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patirwin said...


The Homer Cycling Club is planning a FatBike Beach Festival for next summer, and I want to have a short ride over this Labor Day weekend and everyone is invited. My plan is to get ideas for the Festival and to introduce folks to our fantastic beach riding down here on the Kenai peninsula.

The ride I have in mind next month-Sept 3-4 is an out/back to Anchor Pt from Homer's Bishop's Beach with a camp at the Anchor River. Those who don't want to camp can just ride out/back from Bishop's beach, and enjoy good coffee and food at 2 Sisters Bakery.
I don't know your exact schedule but I hope you'll be able to join us as you ride to Homer.

Pat Irwin