Monday, February 7, 2011

revolutionary invention makes butts appear slimmer

For your consideration:

My butt, on Mavic rims and 2.1 tires.
Not bad...*

My butt on 80mm Rolling Darryl rims with 3.8 Larry tires.

*Thanks to Karen Lee for sending me this picture of my butt on the White Rim Trail.


Unknown said...


Ralph said...

Very clever!!!!

Alaska's Dirt said...

I think it is the fat tires that compensate for your butt! LOL!

Tim said...

As a man, I feel the need to protest any suggestion that we use oversize bicycle components to create the illusion that particular body parts are smaller than they really are.

Especially when it's cold outside.

bikegirl said...

Is that why so many guys ride 700x23s?
Actually, I think it's why so many women are taking to the fat tires. Finally, when we ask: "Does this make my butt look big?" a guy can answer: "No, it looks perfect! Have you lost weight?"

Vito said...

Quite ingenious!