Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all that glitters

For a year the media did drool
On the web and cable ‘twas a virtual duel
May we return to the days
when yodeling we did praise
And the most famous Alaskan was Jewel?


I wrote these words shortly after the now former governor announced her resignation this past July. I thought of it yesterday after reading Michael Carey's commentary in the NY Times.

Alaskans remember how they found out: Jon and I were in Hope for the holiday weekend. My friend Jo-Ann and I had just returned to our friends' cabin after a 34 mile bike ride when our friend Lynn told us. I grabbed a beer and headed for the sauna. Later that evening, we sat around the campfire speculating about the possible reasons. No television; no radio; no pundits. We just couldn't figure it out.

Another friend later told me he found out while on a kayak trip near Homer. He was on shore when his cell phone rang and he received the news that the governor was resigning. He shouted for joy. Then he saw and heard kayakers across the bay lift their paddles and shout as they also answered their cell phones. I wish I could have seen that!

The next day, the Fourth of July, a friend managed to get cell service and pulled up the announcement on his iphone so we could read it aloud after breakfast. That afternoon, Jon, Jo-Ann and I biked a couple miles from the cabin to downtown Hope to hang out by the water, eat ice cream and enjoy a mellow day in the sun. Jo-Ann kept going up to people - strangers, tourists - rambling about being the governor, then adamantly shouting "I quit!" It was like Independence Day was made for us this year!

But we're still obsessed with the woman who was governor and sometimes I wish she would just go away. But the more I want her to go away, the more information comes my way. Now the book, the anticipated, quickly-written memoir is out. When I think of a memoir, I think: what did this person do? What difference did they make? How have they informed or inspired? What can I learn from this person?

Well, she upset the establishment, then did... work with me here... tried to get the gas pipeline... oh, she got us that big energy assistance check last year... she did lots of things... right? Oh, yeah, she sold the Murkowski jet. Turned down some of Obama's stimulus money before the legislature voted for us to get it. She suggested that Ted resign before she said he should get a do-over election. She said the Supreme Court had done us wrong with regard to the Exxon Valdez ruling... later, she said it was a good decision. Let's see, what else? Inspired the far right to go to rallies and to vote for her. She got Tina Fey to go back to SNL, which helped their ratings... somebody?... line? can you tell me what she accomplished for Alaska?

Oh, yeah. Now the rest of America knows it's cold up here. Got it. You betcha!


Charlotte said...

You have me laughing here! I wish I could have seen those paddlers too, that would have been fun.


bikegirl said...

Yes, when he told me about it I could barely contain myself. It's such a great visual.

corinne said...

i love the limerick! i'm tired of opening the ADN again because we're back to all Palin all the time. If she were really going rogue as a politician, wouldn't she just go away?

bikegirl said...

After seeing her photo in the paper again today, I've figured out what she's going to do next: fashion designer!

I mean, she's into clothes & has fashion sense (see, I can be positive) and she has a national following. What right wing woman wouldn't buy "Rogue Ware?" No reading involved!

Are you paying attention, Sarah?