Friday, February 6, 2009

bike girl rides again

hey, friend

Outdoors, even.

I took a short ride today, around the bog trail that's just a block from our house. Sunny skies. Saw a few people, some walking dogs. A neighbor I hadn't seen in awhile. I made two loops around, stopping on the first to check out a pond.

The snow there was too deep even for my Pugsley, so I returned to the trail. Warm, bright sun. I could have kept on for quite some time but intentionally didn't even bring water. Wore my Uggs instead of my biking shoes since I still have on the flat pedals from when our friend Alan borrowed the bike for a snow ride with Jon. Someone should ride it when I can't, you know?

It was good.

Just over a week from now, Jon & I are headed for the Midwest to visit my family. My mom's going to be 85. I wonder if I'll still be bicycling when I turn 85. I sure hope so. Even if it's a three-wheeler with a big ol' seat and a loud bell. I'd ride it to the bike shops and talk to the people just like the older guy who sometimes comes in our shop. Even at 10 degrees, he'll ride over to the hardware store next door or stop in and tell us he's having a great day because he's riding even though people think he shouldn't. He really cheers me up. When I grow up, I want to be like that guy.

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