Thursday, February 5, 2009

an alaska year in haiku

a year in haiku

Bundled forms shuffle
across icy streets, lots in
January cold

In February
brighter days arrive amid
still punishing cold

Welcome, the sun’s warmth
Felt on cheeks and shoulders, with
snow still under foot

Fast melting snow piles
Create bergs and rivulets
On streets in April

May is hope, promise
Color blooms next to houses
Snow still in the woods

Light and energy
Vibrant in June; we run and
play til exhausted

Rain clouds overcast
Skies in July are so fickle
Now sunny again

Waning days bring us
produce from the valley sweet
carrots, squash and beets

Crisp air after rains
September’s heavy dew and
clear chill nights and days

Rains glaze road and trail
Now icy rinks, October
pumpkins slide fearful

Deep cold, we shudder
Frosted trees heavy, branches
Bend under the weight

Short days, frozen air
December snow muffles sounds
Then, days get longer


William said...

You make AK sound like the place to be. I love riding just about anywhere. Especially on wet roads just after its rained when the Sun is breaking through the clouds. I like the sound the tires make on the lightly wet road. I also like the deep droan the wind makes at a certain speed through the trees, like wind through a pipe. You hear all the sounds, smells, the undulating road or trail as you bounce slightly. You're at your own peril while cycling. Makes me feel good as I set short and long goals...'make it around the mud puddle and not be splashed' straight into 'the next fire road intersection' straight into 'to the bend in the road'. Makes the journey fun. Its all perspective and I enjoy bicycling for those reasons. Enjoy your rides. Your body heals and your mind does too..but, I'm sure you get a lot of that in AK.

I see someone stopped by my blog from Anchorage. I hope they liked it and thanks a bundle.

bikegirl said...

thanks - yes, I did stop by your site. I'm always curious to find out more about my guests.

On another note, my editor stopped by and told me I had a typo. Sorry about that! Correction made. I feel so much better now.