Saturday, February 23, 2008

back in the states

Hello friends -

I had hoped to post while in Italy, but a few things got in the way: wifi not free; busy schedule (an "organized" trip) and just way too tired to post things.

Some things stood out to me: the first few days were filled with visiting basilicas and other historical, religious sites like the catacombs, the Sistine Chapel, and a day trip to Assisi. The other thing was: those Catholic pilgrims sure do put down the wine! Man, each night in the hotel bar the glasses were emptied and the voices got louder until I had to sneak out back to my room. Oh, yes, and the Father was one of the bunch enjoying the partying.

I'll put a few photos here for you, and will put more on Flikr when i get them together.

The first pic is of cobbles near the Coliseum. The cobbles made up probably half the walking surface while in Rome. After tripping on a few raised cobbles, we learned to better pick up our feet.

The second is pretty self-explanatory...another ladies' frame with a baby seat on.

So, friends, keep checking back; I promise to get things together. But, for now, I'll be in Wisconsin. Back the first week in March.

stay tuned.

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Diana said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Those catholics sure now how to party! Maybe that's why I can still hang out with a few.